Free Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving - the day that I go into a mashed potato and gravy coma. There is nothing better than walking into my grandmother's home to smell all the wonderful dishes I am about to indulge in. I know it will be years before I host my first Thanksgiving day dinner, but I can already picture the table setting. As a stationery lover, signage and the small personal touches will be one detail I focus on for my day of decorating.

This is why I want to offer you a FREE Printable for your celebration. I have a 8" x 10" sign you can frame and display at an entrance or buffet table. I am thankful note cards for your guests to capture their year of thanks and enjoy sharing over dessert with your family. Finally, personalized place cards for all your guests seating arrangements. You can enter in each guests name on the PDF file or personalize with your own handwriting.

Happy Thanksgiving
I wish all of you a wonderful day of celebration with family and friends.