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Specializing in customized stationery from occasional invites to business cards, UpperCase Designs is where sleek and sophistication meet. Whether it’s a wedding or a thank you, special dates to everyday, let me make every moment count with customized invitations, note cards, announcements, photocards, and professional stationery fit to your specific needs.


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34 Handwritten Fonts

Kelly Henry

One of the hottest trends right now in wedding invitations are handwritten fonts. The best thing about handwritten fonts, you have a few options on how to get the look. You could hire a calligrapher to create a beautiful, custom design look and feel for your invitation. Maybe you have a friend or family member who has an unique penmanship style to design a wedding suite to be reproduced by a graphic designer. Or you can choose from hundreds of handwritten typography styles available at your fingertips. With any of these options you may be investing a little or a lot of money. You need to determine what fits in your budget and makes the most sense for your event. Let me break this down for you.

A Calligrapher

This person can do the entire work for your wedding invitation suite, but trust me this is going to be no small task and will be an investment. The best option would be to work with the calligrapher to design the wedding suite and have a graphic designer or stationer reproduce the design for printing. This leads me into your next option

A Family or Friend 

Using the same technique mentioned above, this person will create the design and being assisted by a graphic designer or stationer. You will be investing in the recreation of the design. Ask the designer if he/she will be charging you by the hour or a flat fee for the entire suite. If charging by the hour ask for a quote and/or estimate on the amount of time to complete.

Handwritten Typography Styles

There are many font styles available on the web ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. A stationer will have a select number of font styles you can choose from to create your wedding invitation suite. Or if you plan on DIYing your invitations check out a few of my favorite handwritten styles.