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Specializing in customized stationery from occasional invites to business cards, UpperCase Designs is where sleek and sophistication meet. Whether it’s a wedding or a thank you, special dates to everyday, let me make every moment count with customized invitations, note cards, announcements, photocards, and professional stationery fit to your specific needs.



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Wedding Day Stationery List Guide

Kelly Henry

Wedding Day Stationery List Guide // Uppercase Designs

When couples are planning their wedding, invitations are the focus of the paper goods discussion, but don’t forget about your day-of items! Your wedding day stationery will serve as a vital part of your wedding day aesthetic, not to mention all the important information these items will provide your guests. From programs to favor tags, I have compiled a list of all the wedding stationery you will need for your big day.


Programs are informative and give guests an idea of what to expect throughout the ceremony. Guests enjoy reading up on your ceremonial details while waiting for the event to begin. This essential paper good details the names of the bridal party, readings, a listing of music, poems, a note of thanks to the guests, and, if desired a memorial. If your wedding is traditional or formal, you may prefer to stick to the basic elements of a program, though you can get really creative with this piece.

Escort Cards or Seating Chart

Usually positioned near the entrance of the reception location, escort cards feature guests’ names and corresponding table numbers, so they know which table they will be sitting at during the reception. If you wish to forgo escort cards altogether, a seating chart is another option I offer. Seating charts detail each guest’s name and table assignment on a sizable stylish sign that would be positioned in an easily accessible area at the reception.

Table Numbers

Once guests determine their table assignment from either an escort card or a seating chart, table numbers make it easy for guests to locate their designated table at the reception. You may opt to keep it simple with classic number assignments or incorporate a logo or symbol of special significance to you and your partner.

Place Cards

Place cards are used when seating arrangements are assigned at the reception. Place cards are an ideal choice for formal weddings when plated dinners will be served according to the guest’s meal choice, which is also often noted on the place card in some fashion. I recommend using place cards in conjunction with escort cards or a seating chart.

Dinner Menu

Whether you are serving a buffet-style meal or a seated dinner, guests appreciate you sharing the specifics of the dinner that will be served at your reception. Even when guests pre-select their meal choice, it’s not uncommon for them to forget which meal option they decided on months beforehand. Menus can be provided to each individual guest, each table, or a positioned at each buffet station.


Decorative wedding signs may be used in multiple different ways throughout your big day.

Drink Sign

Much like the dinner menus, guests typically want to know what libations are on the drink menu. Position two framed drink menus at either end of the bar to include either the alcohol options available or feature the signature cocktail names and details.

Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a beautiful way to greet guests as they arrive at your ceremony and reception. Welcome signs often feature the couple’s names, wedding date, and a welcoming greeting.

Hashtag Sign

Creating a unique wedding hashtag and displaying it to your guests is a great way to get them involved in capturing the excitement of your wedding and sharing it on social media where you can look back and enjoy reliving your special day. Feature your wedding hashtag on a sign near the guest book or welcome sign and around the bar areas where guests are sure to notice it while they mingle.

Favor Tags

Make your wedding favors stand out with personalized favor tags that feature the names of the couple, the wedding date, and a note of thanks or an adorable pun that reflects the favor. Little details such as this make all the difference to your guests.

While everyone’s wedding will be unique in its own way, carefully coordinated wedding day stationery will delight guests with its designs and details, while keeping them informed throughout your wedding day events.

Dress up Your Wedding Invitations

Kelly Henry

Dress Up Your Wedding Invitations // Uppercase Designs

From the gown to the flowers and cake, so much goes into wedding planning. Don’t overlook the opportunity your invitations offer to further reflect and represent your unique and personalized wedding style. For those looking to enhance your invites, we have gathered our favorite assortment of affordable and distinct ways to dress up your wedding invitations.

1. Envelope Liner

Want to add the wow factor? Look no further than envelope liners. Guests will literally get their first glimpse of your wedding aesthetic when they carefully open your invitation envelope and take a peek inside at your pretty liner. Envelope liners are a fun way to add pattern, texture, color, or your monogram to your invitations.

2. Calligraphy

Whether handwritten or digitized, wedding invitations featuring calligraphy are endlessly chic. If your wedding is formal or even less traditional, calligraphy is the perfect way to add soft graceful flourishes to your invitations and envelope addressing. Not to mention your place cards, escort cards and day-of signage. If you want the elegant look and feel of calligraphy without the cost associated with this time-consuming and high specialized task, consider calligraphy in the form of printed typography. It’s just like the real thing for a fraction of the cost.

3. Wax Seals

Inspired by old-world elegance, wax seals are one of our favorite wedding invitation adornments. Wax seals are effortlessly romantic and available in an array of colors so you can select one that perfectly complements your invitation suite. The wax stamp can feature your first name initials, last name initials, or a personalized symbol that is special to you.

4. Silk Ribbon

Wedding invitations delicately wrapped with hand-tied silk ribbons offer a soft organic touch. Add this simple yet rich embellishment to your invitations for added depth and texture. Beautiful silk ribbons and bows are a unique finishing touch your guests are sure to notice.

5. Postage

Take your wedding stationery up a notch with individualized wedding invitation postage. Personalized postage offers complete originality with custom designs created to reflect your wedding invitation style. You can opt for a specialized motif or monogram featured in your desired color or font. These one-of-a-kind stamps are a special touch that will tie your entire wedding invitation suite together.

There are countless ways to embellish and individualize your wedding invitations so they stand out to your guests and reflect the style of your wedding. Even the smallest details surrounding your big day should be announced in impressive style, complete with unique adornments that reflect your personality as a new couple.

Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Kelly Henry

Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes // Uppercase Designs

Bad mistakes, I’ve made a few…is not a song lyric you want to be quoting after ordering your wedding invitations. As one of the most vitally important parts of your wedding, your invitations hold need-to-know information (like when and where you’re getting married) and they give your guests a glimpse into what to expect from your overall wedding aesthetic. Mistakes happen but with the proper amount of preparation, there’s no need to fall victim to common invitation pitfalls we see time and time again. Consider the following Most Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes so you can avoid them yourself.


When it comes to wedding invitations, don’t expect autocorrect to save you from all typos. Even spell check can’t always catch grammatical errors. Read over your invitations multiple times and take special care to double check the spelling of names. Involve your fiance, parents, or friends in reading the proofs so everyone can be on the lookout for mistakes. If you’re working with an invitation designer don’t assume they will serve as your copy editor. While they may be able to fix obvious mistakes, they won’t know the difference if you misspell a name.


Having to order more invitations is not a good position to be in. Not only will it add unneeded stress to get the extra invitations to your guests on time, going back to print will cost you. Save yourself the trouble and order 15-20 percent more invitations than your guest list requires. You may need to resend invites that get lost in the mail, or you may want to invite additional guests that weren’t on your original guest list. We also recommend requesting extra envelopes, as addressing mistakes can happen.


Remember to focus on your entire stationery suite and not just the wedding invitation. While the invitation will be the focus of your paper goods, the envelopes matter too. You can make a big impact on guests with stunning envelopes as it’s truly the very first thing they will see. Avoid using address labels that will cheapen the look of your invitations. There are so many options available for addressing your envelopes from printed envelopes to utilizing a stationer or calligrapher.


Ordering your save the dates or wedding invitations late will put undue stress on you and your invitation designer. If you’re sending out save-the-dates aim to have them sent to guests at least 6 months before the wedding. To determine when you need to send your invitations, Brides states “Look at your wedding date and count back eight weeks (for a non-destination wedding). This is the latest you should mail your invitations to give your guests enough time to RSVP and make any travel plans. Having a destination wedding? Count back 12 weeks so your guests don’t feel rushed and can shop around for the best travel prices.”


In all the preparation for the big day, it might not occur to you to have your wedding stationery suite available so your photographer can take photos of it. Some photographers may request you send them copies of your paper goods before the wedding day so they can capture the photos ahead of time. The invitation suite is a big part of your wedding and should be captured along with all the other important memories.

Avoid common wedding invitation mistakes by starting early, ordering extra invitations, and remember to proofread multiple times! Hiring an expert to design your wedding invitations can also greatly reduce the amount of work you will have to do navigating the ins and outs of wedding stationery etiquette and avoiding common mistakes.

photo by // Tim & Kylee Photography

Zoe's First Birthday Party

Kelly Henry

2014 has been very busy year for me, but I wanted to take a moment and blog about a recent custom design birthday party invitation. Crowning Celebrations designed and coordinated the event for Zoe's first birthday party with an adorable woodland theme. I created invitations, favor tags, message tag, and thank you note cards for the party. Cherry Lane Cakes made the adorable owl cakes. Check out these beautiful photos by JEM Photography.