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Specializing in customized stationery from occasional invites to business cards, UpperCase Designs is where sleek and sophistication meet. Whether it’s a wedding or a thank you, special dates to everyday, let me make every moment count with customized invitations, note cards, announcements, photocards, and professional stationery fit to your specific needs.



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Your RSVP Card

Kelly Henry

Your RSVP Card // Uppercase Designs

One of the most essential components for your wedding invitation suite is the RSVP card. Also referred to as the response or reply card, the RSVP card is included with your invitation and how your guests will let you know if they will or will not be able to attend your wedding. A pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope is included with the RSVP card in order to make it easy for your guests to send their response. Whether your wedding style is traditional or unconventional, you can stylize your RSVP cards so they stand out as a fun element of your invitation suite, yet continue to serve the primary function of obtaining an accurate guest count and guests’ entrée choices. Response card etiquette requires that the following information is included on the RSVP card.

What to Include on the RSVP Card

  • Accept and decline checkboxes.

  • A place for your guests to fill in the names of the people attending.

  • Entrée options for guests to select their meal choice. This will only be included on the RSVP card if you are offering multiple entrée options for a plated dinner.

  • Respond by date. I suggest the RSVP deadline should be 1 month out from your wedding date.

There is no “correct” way to word your RSVP cards. There are endless wording options to reflect the style of your wedding, whether it be formal or on the casual side. A traditional RSVP card might opt for the classic “Accepts” or “Regrets”, in addition to listing out the entrée options such as Chicken, Steak, or Vegetarian. An offbeat wedding response card might say something quirky like “Wouldn’t Miss It” or “Will Be There in Spirit” with entrée options depicted as an illustration of a chicken, cow, or vegetable.

The response card envelope, displaying the return address and postage, is sent to your guests with the response card so they can quickly and easily return their RSVP. If you wish to cut costs, I recommend saving a little money by sending out a postcard RSVP. RSVP postcards are a wonderful alternative to traditional response cards and envelopes. Postcards are even easier for guests to drop in the mail, though they may get a little dirty on their way back to you being that they aren’t protected by an envelope.

You may also want to consider numbering your response cards so even if a guest’s handwriting is illegible or she forgets to write her name, you will know who the card belongs to. Once you get your responses back in the mail, you will be able to give your caterer, venue, and any additional wedding professional a head count of expected attendees.