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Specializing in customized stationery from occasional invites to business cards, UpperCase Designs is where sleek and sophistication meet. Whether it’s a wedding or a thank you, special dates to everyday, let me make every moment count with customized invitations, note cards, announcements, photocards, and professional stationery fit to your specific needs.

Wedding Wording



The wedding invitation wording includes:

The host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, and location line. The wording and arrangement of these lines can be designed in a number of ways depending on the style and tradition of the wedding.

Host Line - This line starts with the parties of those sending the invitation, traditionally the bride's parents. However, there maybe a number of different circumstances for these lines today. Below are a few different host line options to best suite your wedding day.

Hosted by The Bride’s Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Steven Wilson

or if they have different surnames, an "and" joins them

 Ms. Jane Marie Parks and Mr. Gary Steven Wilson

Hosted by The Bride’s Parents and Groom's Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Steven Wilson
and Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas Anderson

Hosted by The Couple

Together with their families Bethany Gayle Wilson and William Robert Anderson

Divorced Parents

Names are listed on separate lines without an "and" between them, and remember that Mom always comes first.

Request Line - There are two options for this line: one indicates the ceremony will be in a house of worship, the other that it will not.

At a Place of Worship

Request the honor or honour of your presence at the marriage of their children...

Informal Ceremony

Would be delighted by your presence at the marriage of their children...

Bride and Groom Lines - The bride and groom’s names are set off, on separate lines. Traditionally the preposition “to” linking them goes on its own line; however today the names can be on one line together.

Traditional - If the bride's last name is the same as her parents' above, it is not repeated. No courtesy title (such as Miss or Ms.) is used.

Contemporary - If the couple or both sets of parents are to host, treat the names equally.

Date and Time Line - Traditionally the date and the time should be spelled out. The day of the week stated first, followed by the numerical date and then the month. The year is traditionally omitted as well; however today many couples include this as part of the invitation.

Traditional - Spell out numbers and capitalize proper nouns only; you can begin the line with the preposition "on" if you'd like.

Contemporary - Though using numerals is a more modern practice, it is not necessarily more casual.

Location Line - It's traditional not to include street addresses of houses of worship or well-known locations, but this is less common lately. Always remember to spell out the state.

Traditional and Religious - Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Walkersville, Maryland

Contemporary - If you are using a street address, numerals are acceptable but please omit the zip code.

Reception Line - Include a reception line on the invitation if the reception is being held at the same location. If the reception is held at a different venue please include these details on a separate reception card.